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Fallout 4 PRE-OWNED Xbox One

  • Third person interactive survival game set in a dangerous world following a nuclear war
  • As the sole survivor of vault 111, you must defend your settlements against vicious raiders, mutants, ghouls, and monsters
  • Explore hidden places, uncover hidden stories, and wield amazing weaponry
  • Combat mode allows players to decapitate foes, sever limbs, pickpocket enemies, and plant grenades in their bags
  • Rated M for Mature
Computer gaming just got a whole lot more awesome now that the uber-exciting Fallout 4 PRE-OWNED (Xbox One) has come along. In this day and age, video gaming has gone way beyond the passing fad it used to be - think corner arcades from the early 1970s. Computer games are now an intrinsic part of everyday life all over the world and guess what, studies show they're good for you too. Yeah, you heard that right. Computer games help boost memory,

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