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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent - PC Game (Digital)

  • Directly download on to the computer
  • Download link, instructions and license key sent to your email ID
  • Suitable for ages 17 years and older
  • Action-packed adventure game, for hours of playtime
Dragon Age: Inquistion - The Descent

It's up to you to enter the Deep Roads' network of underground tunnels, explore the ancient dwarven ruins, and find the source of Thedas' worsening earthquakes. You'll fight your way through cavernous dungeons teeming with deadly enemies, but you'll be rewarded with legendary loot. Equip yourself with new weapons and armor so you'll be ready to face one of Thedas' most challenging enemies yet. What are you waiting for, Inquisitor?

[Image: GUEST_99289eb0-80f9-4c5c-96ba-aa9de2b7eb...0&hei=1000]

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