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LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340

  • A fun house for all friends
  • Make friends with Olivia, Emma and Andrea
  • Made from durable plastic material
Get all your friends together and get ready to plot mission after mission in your very own Friendship House from LEGO Friends. A LEGO house that is going to be the ultimate base for exceptional moments among all the friends from the city of Heartlake, be it adventures or enjoying some down-time. This friendship house comes with three included characters Olivia who's smart, Emma love science and is super caring and Andrea who loves music. Really fun to build and play with, this Friendship house features a kitchen, a living room with craft table and much more.

[Image: GUEST_91f5591f-97dd-4a43-b5f5-294f1e5f4b...0&hei=1000]

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