BetterBody Foods Organic Chia Seeds-Non-GMO, Omega-3 (2 lbs.)

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  • Organic Chia Seeds are gluten-free, nut-free, low-carb, non-GMO is a great addition to your drinks and shakes. Every serving of our chia seeds contains many nutrients including Omega-3 and fiber making it a great bonus to any protein shake or juice.
  • Chia seeds are a kitchen essential that many people don’t know about. Simply mix 1 tbs. of chia seeds with 3 tbs. of water and let sit for 5 minutes. Add chia seeds to just about any food without having to worry about it upsetting the flavor of your dish.
  • It can be used in varieties of dishes- Mix into baked goods like bread and muffins to add a little added crunch of protein and fiber. You can also sprinkle the seeds as a topping on some yogurt, pudding, salads, oatmeal, granola, or cereal for a satisfying snack!
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