values its user’s privacy on its website. Hence, we implemented this Privacy Policy about how collects, uses and discloses information of its visitors. It is very important for us to share the details about the information that the website collects from the visitors:

Personal Information:

This type of information usually depends on the visitor’s usage. The website collects information like user’s domain name (entry from a search engine), time & duration of the visitor on any of our website page. This information is usually collected only to provide better services to our visitors.

Email id:

Visitors can also subscribe by providing their personal email id. This helps us to serve our users only by sending latest deals and offers on their email.

Children Privacy: makes sure that information of children is not been collected.

Affiliated External Links: contains many external links and affiliated links to popular online shopping websites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay and many more. We don’t take responsibility of the data or the products on those websites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

The website holds the right to change the privacy policy but it shall be done after posting in advance before taking affect.

As if till now, we don’t take any kind of personal information from our users to access the website. Although, we may receive the user’s information if he or she tries to contact us which we promise is kept secured with us. It should be also noted that the effective date of this policy is 10th March 2019 and it may change in future without notifying our users. Hence, our users are advised to visit the privacy policy regularly.