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Off-road high-performance LED lights

When it comes to well-lit city roads, it is easy to compare LED light performance with halogens. As in most such scenarios, the ambient lighting available is enough to fill the gap.

But when we go towards more rough terrain. Like the mountains, or a desert, or even a fast-paced off-road rally trail. Then you need to consider your lighting options more seriously. As the difference between life and death can be literally decided by a few lumens.

This is a reality that most off-road enthusiasts are aware of. This is why you often see multiple light sources on off-road vehicles. From upgraded stock lights to long-throw spotlights. And all types of modern LED bars that take up the entire roof. With a promise to light up the non-existent road ahead, as if it were still daytime.

If you too enjoy such a lifestyle, you should also start looking into some lighting upgrades. There are lots of options to choose from, at various price ranges. Depending on your budget, you can either go for simple stock replacements upgrades. Or create a more robust 360-degree lighting rig. That can show you exactly where you are, and what all is present around you.

We will be presenting a few for you to consider as part of your own off-road lighting setup. That can be easily considered for the category of off-road high-performance LED lights.

LEDriving XTR

These are stock replacement bulbs for off-road use sold by OSRAM. They will fit most vehicles, so you can get this upgrade even if your car doesn’t fit in the off-road category. They offer a strong beam of cool bright 6000K light. With enough force to output 1400-1700 lumens depending on whether you are in low or high beam.

All this, while taking in barely 18W of energy input. This is almost 70% more efficient than a standard halogen bulb. While still beating it in terms of light output. Not only that, but these LED bulbs also last a long time. Thanks to the presence of dedicated off-road brackets that keep the light safe. As well as in-built fans that keep the mechanism cool. Even under non-stop use in less than ideal conditions.

You can easily expect such off-road stock replacement LED lights to last up to 2000 hours or more. As the company itself offers a 3-year guarantee on the product.

LEDriving Lightbar VX500-CB

While upgrading your existing bulbs is a good starting point. It doesn’t even begin to cover off-road lighting needs. What you need is a special light that supplements your existing setup. Without being a nuisance to oncoming traffic.

Old school off-road enthusiasts used to make do with halogen spotlights. That they would string together on the bumpers. However, that is a messy solution that requires far more power than necessary.

These days you can easily find a LED lightbar that can take place of dozens of spotlights. And still beat them in terms of light output. Especially when it comes to modern off-road high-performance LED lightbars. That contains dozens of individual LEDs in a single compact housing.

OSRAM’s LEDriving Lightbar VX500-CB is a great example of such a quality spot-lightbar. It features 48 high-performance LED’s that deliver up to 4100 lumens of peak power. Since the beam is so focused and narrow, it can light up an area of up to 238 meters in front of the vehicle.

All that while barely taking in 72W of power. Halogen spotlights used to take more than that for a single light. So, you can just imagine how efficient these new setups can be. Especially when the housing takes less space than 3-4 halogen spotlights. While being exponentially sturdier and more reliable than the ones it replaces.

So much so, that the lightbar has an IP69K rating for durability and off-road readiness. And can sustain as much as 5000 hours of rough use before failure. The great thing is that despite this high level of performance. These lightbar are often legal for regular use thanks to their small size.

LEDriving VX1000-CB SM

Rooftop lightbars are a necessity for off-road drivers. As they help illuminate the larger swathe of land that is in front of the car. This is important for driver safety. Since stock lights are generally located quite low on the car body. And can’t really spread the light far or high enough for proper visibility.

Before lightbars came along, people used to string together spotlights on the roof. To make their own version of a lightbar. However, that sort of setup takes up too much power. An easier and more preferable solution these days is using an LED lightbar.

OSRAM’s LEDriving VX1000-CB SM is a great such lightbar that features 36 high-performance LEDs. That delivers a steady beam of 6000K white light, with up to 6000 lumens of peak power. This is enough to light up an area upto 525 meters in front of the vehicle.

All that while taking in barely 108W of power. That is equivalent to a single halogen spotlight. While delivering an immense upgrade in performance. What makes it truly special is the use of aluminum housing and a stable polycarbonate lens. Which gives it enough durability to earn the IP69K Protection rating.

This means that it can handle water, dust, impacts, heat, cold and permanent vibrations. All of this is in a compact design that is ECE-certified for legal use in passenger vehicles.

LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD

When most people talk about lighting solutions, they never talk about reversing lights. Even though reversing in an off-road setting is the most vulnerable position you can be in. Since even a gap of a few centimeters can make the difference between life and death.

This is where you need a proper spotlight for the rear of your vehicle. That can help illuminate the path behind you, as you try to get free of your latest obstacle. Which can be anything, from a desert sand trap to a mountain cliff. In such dangerous situations, you should never compromise on your safety.

We would suggest going with OSRAM’s LEDriving Reversing FX120S-WD. This is a spotlight that features 13 powerful, high-performance off-road LEDs. They are enough to light up an area of up to 36 meters. Which is a decent visibility range to have while backing up.

You will never feel the lack of visibility with this kind of light. As it delivers a strong beam of cool blue 6000K light. Which is powerful enough to deliver 1100 lumens of light. While taking in barely 15W of power. All this is a body that is meant to handle all sorts of abuse. As proven by its IP69K rating, as well as ECE certification.

With just these few lights, you can assure yourself of safety in all sorts of driving conditions. Therefore, we suggest upgrading to off-road high-performance LED lights as soon as possible.

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